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Principles of Medical Physiology
2nd Edition
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Publication Date: 2016ISBN: 978-93-82076-53-7
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Pages: 800Format: 17x24 cm
Language: Inglês
This book provides a concise, concept-rich, and well-illustrated text of medical physiology. Written primarily for undergraduate medical students, the lucidity of the text should also appeal to a large section of health professionals.

Key features of the book

· The four cornerstones of this book are utility, lucidity, brevity, and contextual relevance.
· The content of each chapter maps well onto a single easy-paced lecture.
· The key words and phrases in the text are emphasized for quick revision.
· The text is complemented by numerous simple diagrams that can be quickly comprehended.
· The relevant fundamentals of physics and chemistry are recapitulated in the early chapters.
· The complex anatomy of the brain is elucidated through three-dimensional schematic diagrams.
· Revision questions listed at the end of each chapter relate mostly to the how`s and why`s of physiological mechanisms.
· Comic illustrations seek to lighten the mood as the reader reckons with the intricacies of the subject.
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