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O Macaco e o Crocodilo - Cartões Ilustrados
Livro Segundo Novo Acordo Ortográfico
Lúcia Vidal Soares
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Publication Date: 2011ISBN: 978-972-757-621-0
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Collection: Histórias AndarilhasPages: 11
Format: 18.2x17.5 cmLevel:
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Language: Português
Inside colourful boxes we find various cards telling us A História da Carochinha, A Arca de Noé and O Macaco e o Crocodilo. In it, text and image help the development of language(s) in a ludic way.
With this material we intend children to contact other languages, getting to know different cultures, learning to respect and not undervaluate them, and helping them to become aware of language and cultural diversity.

The collection Histórias Andarilhas articulates the learning of language(s) with other curricular areas, namely Environmental Studies and Maths, and is a didactic support to:

- develop mother tongue (portuguese, tetum and/or capeverdean and eventually others);
- create multilanguage and multicultural situations;
- teach/learn portuguese when not mother tongue;
- answer the special needs of some children.
· Children over 5 years old
· Educators
· Teachers
Lúcia Vidal Soares
Professora Adjunta na Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa, onde exerce funções docentes no âmbito da Língua Portuguesa e da Formação Inicial de Professores. É autora de várias publicações no âmbito do PLNM.
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