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Portugal Panorâmico / Panoramic / Panorámico / Panorama / Panoramique
Nuno Cardal
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Publication Date: 2016ISBN: 978-989-752-216-1
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Pages: 164Format: 34x14.5 cm
Language: Vários
Over 150 panoramic photographs that illustrate the unique beauty of Portugal`s cities, villages and landscapes.
A collection of images that portray the country`s diversity, ranging from the well-known warm water beaches, to the refreshing cascades, snowy mountains, castles and monasteries centuries-old, historic villages and towns from north to south, and the magnificent Atlantic Islands of Azores and Madeira.
A great variety of photographs that inspire discovery: color, black and white, infrared, 360º panoramic, daytime and nighttime, some with only the moonlight to shed light.
All image`s descriptions are presented in Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, French and Mandarin; include GPS coordinates of the sight and technical specifications for the photography lovers.
An invitation to travel, with eyes wide open, throughout Portugal`s most beautiful sceneries.

Nuno Cardal has accustomed us to selective and quality photobiographies of national places and subjects.
Accordingly, this album combines panoramic photographs taken throughout the whole of Portugal. (...)
My sincere appreciation for his persistent contribution to our projection all over the world...

in foreword by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa
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Nuno Cardal
Nuno Cardal was born in May 1967 in Lisbon. He graduated with a degree in History from the University of Coimbra, Faculty of Arts and Humanities in 1990, where he developed some of his photographic work. His professional path has always been connected to the fields of culture and advertising. He was in charge of the European Community Programme for the Development of Touristic and Cultural Infrastructures; he was a producer for the RTP broadcaster`s cultural show "Ponto por Ponto", collaborated with Professor José Hermano Saraiva in his TV shows, worked in several advertising agencies and created the video panel network one can find throughout Lisbon today.
He is the author of the book "McCann - 65 Years of Advertising in Portugal" and several other books on photography. As a professional photographer, he coordinated and developed photographic work for an encyclopaedia on Lisbon. In the summer of 2008 the EDP Foundation had an exhibition of his work - "Day and Night".
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