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Founded in March 1963, LIDEL Group is a 100% Portuguese project, already in its 3rd generation, dedicated to the publishing of technical and scientific books of Portuguese speaking authors.

Today, LIDEL Group is one of the major national references in technical publishing and Portuguese Second Language Teaching, in terms of diversity of offer, quality of its products, thematic content and innovation, presenting a catalog with over 800 books in Portuguese.

The Group is composed by LIDEL, FCA, ETEP, PACTORFCA Design and LIDEL Saúde e bem-estar, all specialized in portuguese authors publishing in different areas. 

Our editorial activity is supported by a strong qualified diffusion and distribution, so we can continue to apply our motto as always: The book looking for the reader.


LIDEL – Edições Técnicas is the "parent company” of the Group. The extension, diversity and quality of its editorial catalog reflect its experience of over five decades dedicated to the technical book.To answer the needs of professionals and university students of the Portuguese speaking world, LIDEL counts among its authors with renowned specialists and prestigious investigating teams in the most varied areas. Through these 50 years, we published some of the most important technical books of Portuguese speaking authors, consolidating us as an important motor for the diffusion of Science in several areas of knowledge. Among them, we publish in the areas of Medicine & Fundamental Sciences, Engineering & Earth Sciences, Management & Economy, Hospitality & Tourism.
The promotion of the Portuguese language has been since the beginning one of our top priorities. In the last decades, our materials for teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language, Second language and Non-maternal Language have become the most used worldwide and LIDEL rapidly assumed the leadership in this area. The recognition of the learners of the Portuguese language and adoption through the major teaching institutions worldwide, of which LIDEL is very proud of, are the biggest proof of the quality that we demand and put in our projects, a result of a team work – authors, publisher and distributors.


FCA was born in 1991 within LIDEL Group and its publishing areas cover Information Technologies, Project Management and Industrial Technologies. Since its foundation, the brand has published over 1800 books and currently leads Portugal IT publishing market.

Throughout the years, FCA has had the privilege to work with some of the most reputed Portuguese authors, experienced distributors, booksellers, and devoted readers, who helped build FCA into a highly prestige brand in Portuguese speaking countries.

On the year of its 25th anniversary, the brand launched its first eBooks in Portuguese, with the usual actuality and quality, thus meeting its client’s tastes and needs. 


PACTOR, LIDEL Group imprint, was launched on January 2010 and dedicates to Social, Forensic and Education Sciences publishing areas, already with several titles in the national sales TOPs.

True to the Group's recognized editorial competences, Pactor presents contents that are both simple to read and scientifically rigorous, providing the readers with easy access to quality knowledge that they are looking for.

The message, the information, the quality and rigor that PACTOR puts in its projects contribute greatly to better understanding the individual, society and the moment we are living in.


ETEP is LIDEL Group imprint devoted to Automation, Electronics and Secretariat, contributing to bridging the gaps of the market in these areas. The books published are of a very practical nature, destined to professional, as well as students from the vocational education. To facilitate learning and training of its readers, the ETEP books, as many of the other books from LIDEL Group, include additional material available in the LIDEL website.


This young brand was presented in ExperimentaDesign 2011, in Lisbon, as the new brand of design in the Portuguese language. The team of fcadesign has as a mission to make each book not only a working tool and a diffusion of knowledge, but also an object of aesthetic and creative excellence. Soon, fcadesign will present some surprises, continuing the path began with its first publication Design pelo Desenho.


LIDEL saúde e bem-estar

After over 50 years since its foundation, LIDEL is recognized as a book publisher of excellence and accuracy, sought by professionals and students who trust in their books and authors. At the same time that it strengthens this tradition, LIDEL is also trying to reach new audiences, introducing books with general content with its stamp of quality. For those new readers we have created LIDEL saúde e bem-estar.

Our project was born half a century ago. In 1963, we entered the book market and began an editorial path that would become the one that is today the biggest Portuguese editorial Group of technical and scientific books.

During half a century, by the hand of our parent company, LIDEL, we brought to Portugal technical and scientific books of more than 70 prestigious international publishers, some of which we still distribute, as for instance Encyclopédie Médico-Chirurgicale, Georg Thieme Verlag, Sybex/Wrox, WH Freeman/Worth/Sinauer, Jones & Bartlett Publishers and Saraumps Médical.

During all these years of existence we accumulated a precious and essential know-how to the successor of any technical book: we know the market and we know how to promote and distribute.

After two decades of LIDEL – Edições Técnicas creation, we launched our own editions, today the main activity of the Group.

The First Steps in Publishing

In the decade of 1980, the first LIDEL books were born, namely the teaching method of Portuguese for foreigners, Português Sem Fronteiras (Portuguese without borders), that starts to make our name known in the world. Rapidly, the publishing of technical books from Portuguese specialists begins to occupy the daily life of LIDEL, an editorial statement that culminated in exploring the several areas of knowledge.

In 1991, we founded two new publishers: FCA – Editora de Informática, leader in publishing books in Information Technology in Portuguese; and ETEP – Edições Técnicas e Profissionais, responsible for publishing Vocational Teaching books in the areas of Automation, Electronics and Secretariat.

On our way to new editorial areas

Already in the 21st century, new brands and other areas of knowledge emerged in the Group. The biggest catalog of technical books in the Portuguese language expanded into the Social Sciences and Design, with the launch of PACTOR and fcadesign, and creation of LIDEL saúde e bem-estar.

Today, our family of authors surpasses 2500 specialist and LIDEL Group makes the Portuguese language known in the five continents.

Half a century passed and much has changed. But there is one thing still standing: our genetic code. Our values, our ambition. We want to continue to bring to you the best books, with the maximum quality, of the several scientific areas, from specialist from Portugal and other Portuguese speaking countries.

We want to continue to diffuse the knowledge and to take our language ever further.

For that, we count on all those that throughout these 50 years contributed to build our story. We count on you. We count on your trust and preference.

To give continuity to half a century path in diffusing Science in Portuguese and strengthen our roll as promoters of scientific knowledge in the Portuguese speaking world.

To strengthen our contribution to the reinforcing the Portuguese language in the world, through our teaching materials of Portuguese for foreigners.

To go towards the expectations of our readers, creating collection, exploring new areas and making available several types of books, destined to students, professionals and the general public.

To continue our bet in national authors, helping to make their dream come true of seeing their projects published.

To welcome authors from other Portuguese speaking countries, making our books even more adapted to the needs of the Portuguese speaking world.

To reach even further and towards our readers, strengthen our presence in Portugal and in the world.

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