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Expressões Idiomáticas Ilustradas
Livro segundo o Novo Acordo Ortográfico
Sofia Rente
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Publication Date: 2013ISBN: 978-972-757-820-7
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Pages: 136Format: 17x24 cm
B1 - C2
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Language: Português
Expressões Idiomáticas Ilustradas presents a wide range of idiomatic expressions, arranged alphabetically to allow them to be looked up quickly. In addition to clear explanations of the terms, examples enabling the user to see how they are used in real contexts and humorous illustrations reproducing the literal meaning of the phrase, wherever possible the book also includes information about their origins and other similar idioms.
This book is aimed at students of Portuguese as a Foreign Language and all those who are interested in understanding the application of idiomatic expressions in an everyday context and discovering some curious facts about the origin of these phrases.
· Students of Portuguese as a Foreign Language
Sofia Rente
Licenciou-se em Ensino de Português em 2002 e tem exercido, desde então, a sua atividade profissional nesta área, não só no ensino de crianças e adultos, mas também no ramo editorial. É coautora de manuais escolares de Português para Portugal e Cabo Verde.
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